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Bypassing the Frustrating Recruiting Bottlenecks

Bypassing the Frustrating Recruiting Bottlenecks These days many companies are expected to maintain productivity and performance while operating with leaner teams and even leaner budgets. This can make recruiting a challenge, especially when you must pull time and resources away to sort through candidates, interview and hire. Although many organizations could use recruiting firms for hiring new staff, there seems to be some curious hesitation. Maybe they suppose it's too expensive, or perhaps they aren't sure how an agency can benefit them. The reality is, using a third-party recruiting firm makes the most sense when you need to save time and money, and here’s why: Although an internal supervisor might be capable of scouring for candidates, when are they supposed to find the time for that when they have their own job to do? Some companies have an internal HR and/or recruiting team that “handles” the recruiting and hiring, but let’s face it, they take FOREVER… and the qual