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What to Do When Nobody Wants to Work for Your Company...

  06/19/2023  I often hear from clients that it seems impossible for them to get people interested in working for them. All it takes is a peek at their employee reviews and often the answer to why is pretty clear.  It is important to remember that repairing a bad company's reputation can be a long and arduous process. Reputations are built over time, and they will not suddenly change overnight. With patience and consistency, however, it is possible to turn a negative impression into something more positive. 1) The first step to repairing a bad company reputation is to be honest and transparent with your employees. People can usually tell when something is not quite right, so be open and honest about any mistakes that have been made or issues that have arisen. Showing humility and a willingness to learn from mistakes will help to rebuild trust between you and your employees. 2) Consider creating an online presence and using social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook and Insta

8Trends in 2023

  06/12/2023  In 2023, recruitment has evolved significantly from the processes of the past years. Here are 8 recruiting trends to watch for in 2023: 1. Automation and Artificial Intelligence: AI-powered tools will streamline many aspects of the recruitment process, such as automating onboarding tasks and quickly filtering through resumes. Recruiters will be able to focus more on developing creative tactics to find top talent. 2. Employee Referrals: Employee referral programs will become an even bigger priority for recruiters, as referrals are often the best source of quality hires. Companies should make it easy for current employees to refer candidates and offer incentives for those who do so successfully. 3. Recruitment Marketing: Companies will invest more in recruitment marketing to ensure their job postings stand out. Employers should consider creating videos, podcasts, and other content that showcases what makes the company unique and demonstrates why candidates would want to wo

The Evolution of Work Ethic: How It Has Changed in the Last Decade

  06/05/2023  The change in work ethic can be attributed to a variety of factors. In an age where technology has made it easier to access information and resources, people have become more accustomed to doing less work for the same level of reward. This is especially true when it comes to jobs that require advanced skills or knowledge, as people often turn to online tutorials and resources to complete tasks rather than having to work hard for the same results. Additionally, in an environment where competition is fierce, some may be tempted to cut corners or take shortcuts in order to get ahead of other competitors. In these times, many are more concerned with instant gratification than long-term goals. The fast-paced nature of modern society often rewards people for short-term wins, and this can lead to a decreased focus on the importance of hard work. People are more likely to take the easy route in order to get quick results, rather than taking the time to develop their skills over